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A good mixed drink is a great way to take the edge off of a busy day, and the essential ingredient in any mixed drink is liquor. Bars can be incredibly expensive, though, either due to cover charges or overpriced drinks. Why go all the way to a bar when you can make the same drinks at home for much less expense? Even better, you can enjoy the calm and comfort of your own home instead of sharing space with strangers.

To find the liquor you need to make your favorite drinks, all you have to do is find a liquor store nearby. But who is the best to go to for spirits? You don’t want to simply go to some hole in the wall that looks more like an office than a liquor store. For the best spirits available on the market, you want to go to a liquor store that treats its products with respect as the artful beverages they are.

For Monterey, CA, that liquor store is Monte Vista Wines & Spirits. Liquor is more than just a type of drink to us: it’s a section of alcohol full of flavors and emotions. The possibilities that can come from a bottle of whiskey or sweet tequila are endless, and the enjoyment of them is what brought us into the business in the first place.

Bring the satisfaction of a good drink to your home, and make Monte Vista Wines & Spirits your local liquor store. You can be sure to find what you need among our large selection of alcohol. For more information on our location, visit our contact page.

If you want a specific brand, please contact us by using the listed telephone number or email address for more information.

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