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The best wine buyers know that you don’t go to your average grocery store to find what you want. Only a quality wine shop will have the labels and the tastes a connoisseur expects to find in the ice bucket. Sour grape juice just won’t cut it; you want something that was crafted with care, from the moment the soil was tilled for planting to the filling of the bottle.

You can tell a real wine shop by the way they handle their products, and no location loves wine more than Monte Vista Wines & Spirits. We see the beauty and skill that goes into every bottle, and we enjoy the fruits of winemaker’s labors as much as we believe you should. For this reason, we stock a wide assortment of labels and styles for every palette imaginable. The full spectrum of California wine is available just within our doors.

For over four decades, we have been building our experience to become the best wine shop in Monterey, CA so that every resident in the area can feel confident in finding the right wine when they visit us. You have a great selection at your fingertips when you come to us, and you can make your next event special by picking up a bottle of your favorite vintage.

Take advantage of the best selection of wines in the region, and visit Monte Vista Wines & Spirits in Monterey, CA.

For more information on the labels available, give us a call using the listed telephone number, or send us an email.

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